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So we had an initial consultation, Elizabeth listened to my ordeal, carefully developed a good plan, she stuck to the truth, which is all I wanted. I faced all sorts of lies thrown about me, I was on the verge of losing my son to the shady ways of his mother, who wanted him to be her meal ticket. Exposed him to abuse and she had used her own children as a weapon, manipulated all our friends into believing total lies. I had become a pariah in all our friends and family circles. What Elizabeth did was properly present all the facts, allowed me to finally get a day in court, to let the truth shine, her questioning of the defendant and her witnesses completely changed the outcome of the case, I thought I had no chance. Liz's professionalism and tenacious quest for the truth were awe inspiring. Because of the things she did, her proper demeanor, not allowing me to burst into the highly charged emotional state I was in... (and believe me it is hard to sit there and hear lies and accusations that have no basis on truth) she helped me save my son from a horrible fate, something which I'd digress to explain here. I'd trust her fully, because she will fight for you, making things right. In the end I gained full custody of my son and that has become the second happiest day of this life! (second only to the day he was born) Before I met Elizabeth, I had a very low opinion of lawyers I must admit, I kept thinking that they all just wanted my money and were not interested in making things right, I realized with Liz that I was very wrong on that. Never in my wildest dreams I could have seen a brighter outcome than this. Of course I'd recommend Liz, in a heartbeat, to anyone.
– Kelvin

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