Victim Advocacy

Victim Advocacy

Victims of domestic abuse are often afraid to come forward due to their financial dependence on their abuser or concern that reporting the offense will endanger them and/or their children. That's why it's important to hire an experienced and compassionate attorney that can guide you safely through the process.

Understanding Coercive Control and the Cycle of Abuse

"Domestic violence" does not solely include acts of physical violence. It includes all behaviors that are used in order to establish power and control over the victim.  This is also known as "coercive control."  In pop psychology, many victims refer to their abusers as "narcissists." 

Unfortunately, our laws do not yet consider narcissism or coercive control factors in determining outcomes in family cases. That should not stop you from seeking an attorney who understands these concepts. 

At Raver Rawlings & Parker PLLC, we understand the impact of coercive control behaviors on families and are here to help.  Although the law does not yet understand the nuances of "coercive control," our lawyers are well trained in detecting this behavior and will work with you on creative solutions to conquer and manage dealing with your abuser. 

Not sure if you are a victim of power and control abuse?  The below Power and Control Wheel,  developed by the Domestic Abuse Intervention Project in Duluth, MN, highlights the cycle of abuse.  Please note that although the wheel illustrates a male abuser to a female victim, this type of abuse can happen by and to people of any gender.   

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